Monday, August 16, 2010

Edward Ewell is Featured Artist at the Inglewood Public Library!

Edward Ewell Exhibits his Photographic work at Inglewood Library in August, 2010.   

           Every month, Inglewood Public Library features a new artist to exhibit work on the long wall of the first floor as one enters the book section (look over to your right). For the month of August, Edward Ewell is displaying an array of stunning landscapes that transport you right into the streams, the mountains and even into a lively coconut tree. Do visit the library for a view of these beautiful images of a paradise in which exist a meditative quality of spiritual ambitions and emotions. Edward Ewell treats the canvas of his photographs with respect and reverence and follows his heart to bring this exhibition to bear.

Mr. Ewell tells us that "The photographic images displayed here in the Library are part of a series of photographs titled 'Photographic Expressons of Praise.'  This series was started some 25 years ago.  The title derives from two points.  First, my thankfulness and praise to God for allowing me the opportunity to see his creations, and secondly, to see not just the physical, but also the spiritual and emotional aspect of His creations and being able to copy what I see and feel.  God being the very first of all artists, for all of this I give Praise through the lens."

Edward L. Ewell was born and educated in Los Angeles.  During his military tour of duty in Southeast Asia, he became interested in photography.  He purchased his first camera and began photographing the landscape and people in their various conditions.

Realizing that the images he captured left impressions on those who viewed them, he decided after the military to continue to develop his photographic skills.  Taking courses in photography and attending various workshops and seminars, he completed a college degree.

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  1. I turly see God's work in these photos. Wonderful work Edward.