Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inglewood Art Exhibition Features Resident Artist Anne Cheek La Rose

Anne Cheek La Rose is the featured artist 
in the exhibition located inside the Inglewood Public Library 
through the end of May 2010. 
Her work includes intricate textile artworks, handpaintings, embroidery and needlepoint.

The Inglewood Public Library centered in a glenn of trees
in the city provides its residents with a haven of art and knowledge.

Inglewood, California 2010
Written and Photographed by Ginger Van Hook

     Do You know Anne Cheek La Rose? If you're an Inglewood artist and resident you ought to get to know her because she's one of the movers and shakers in a bourgeoning art community that is growing rapidly. It doesn't hurt to know that she's also the Vice Chair of the Arts Commission for the City of Inglewood either. But her credits don't end there. That could be as they say, just the beginning! A very active resident and cheerleader of the scene here in Inglewood, Ms. La Rose has been a fiery champion of getting the word out that Inglewood has a brand new attitude, look and style.  Among her credits is also her position as 'Chair' of the Inglewood Historic Site Preservation Committee; she's on the Advisory Board for the Silver Lining of Hope Crusade, member of the Historic Society of Centinela Valley, President of the East Ellis Neighborhood Association as well as  the 1st Vice President of the Pasadena Playhouse Alumni Association and member & past treasurer of the Sumid Scholarship Committee in Pasadena too. When I asked her how she finds time to do all these activities, she just smiles and says "Well, it just has to be done, that's all. One must roll up one's sleeves, get into the trenches and do the work that needs doing!" Her positive attitude for community service is a force to be appreciated, especially if you're an emerging artist looking for a place to hang your artwork in Inglewood. This is where Anne Cheek La Rose really gets to work.  While the Inglewood City Council members where considering initiatives to make Inglewood an "art-friendly" city, Ms. La Rose was busy talking to leaders to find every nook and cranny available for artists to shine in the public eye.  That's how she garnered support from the Director of the Inglewood Public Library, Mr. Bruce Johnson to display the work of local artists. Since January of 2010, each month a new artist is featured and some of the active 'wall of fame' alumni include Renee Fox and Kenneth Ober, organizers of the Inglewood Open Studios Tour held each year since 2006. Over the upcoming years, Inglewood artists and residents who dabble in art and appreciate its transformative qualities within communities, will also enjoy seeing and participating in exciting new venues as Ms. La Rose spreads her influence far and wide. The public is invited to view Anne Cheek La Rose's artwork prominently displayed on the first floor of the Inglewood Public Library through May 2010.  And it won't hurt if you check out a book or two to read while your at it!

Photo by GingerVanHook
Anne Cheek La Rose poses in front of the Artist 'Wall of Fame' at the Inglewood Public Library.    

The work of Anne Cheek La Rose work includes Designs and Installations of African, American Indian and Judaic themes in textile art utilizing fine and unusual fabrics, hand painting, embroidery applique, re-weaving, needlepoint and other needle techniques. Ms. La Rose is a Mixed Media Artist and Writer. Ms. La Rose's career highlights include the Yeshiva University Museum in New York City, the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles, the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles and Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota as well as the University of Judaism in Los Angeles. Additional credits include the Ten Pillars Gallery at the Saginaw Art Museum, in Saginaw Michigan, the Animal Health & Conservation Center at the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens, The Market Street Arts Festival in Inglewood, California and the Third Annual Open Studios Tour of Inglewood.  Anne Cheek La Rose has also participated in the "One-Woman Show" at Unicorn Gallery in New York City and the "One-Woman Show at Hillel at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles.  Ms. La Rose is not just an artistic individual, she has literary credits too. Anne Cheek La Rose is the author of six books and leaflets of needlework designs and contributor to three needlework design books as well. Additionally, Ms. La Rose has contributed numerous articles for popular magazines such as McCalls's Needlework and Crafts, Woman's Day Service Series, Needlepoint News and Just Cross Stitch.  Also, just in case you're thinking that all that art and needlepoint is nice, but what would happen in case of a real emergency? Please note that Anne Cheek La Rose is also a C.E.R.T member; which means she can also save your life as part of the Inglewood Emergency Response Team...certified artist...certified life saver!
"Zulu Village"

Detail of "Zulu Village"

"Button Blanket"

"Life Cycles"

"Biblical Botanicals"

"Zion Mizrah"

"Africa I"

The INGLEWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARY, with Director Bruce Johnson 
also sponsors the 
"History of Transportation" 
Mural Restoration Project, City of Inglewood, California
prominently displayed on the first floor of the Inglewood Public Library.

INGLEWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARY is in a unique position to influence young people 
to become learned readers, art appreciators and responsible citizens of their communities 
by sponsoring a variety of reading and art programs. 
The Inglewood Public Library is located 
in a planned area of green space with tall shade trees, 
colorful blooming shrubs and red brick walkways leading to sculptures, wall reliefs 
and artistically created garden paths through the center of a bustling city about five to ten miles from
 LAX- the Los Angeles International Airport and midway to the art college 
OTIS COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN in Westchester. The Inglewood Public Library is located at 101 West Manchester Blvd., in the heart of the City of Inglewood, California, one block west of La Brea Blvd. and right next to City Hall with metered parking available beside the entrances.

Inglewood students and residents 
Michael Nicholson, Alexis Badwin and Orin Meighan enjoy the plaza 
and artistic green space just outside the Inglewood Public Library. 
Photo by Ginger Van Hook May 27, 2010

Students are encouraged to use the library for research, reading programs, art exhibition programs and following up on homework assignments. Research Librarians are on duty during library hours to assist patrons with their questions. Inglewood Public Library hours include Mondays through Wednesdays open from 11 am to 8 pm, Thursdays open from 11 am to 6 pm, Fridays open from 11 am to 6pm, Saturdays open from 11am - 5pm and also open Sundays from 1:00pm to 5 pm.
While I was waiting for Anne Cheek La Rose to arrive for her interview, I picked up one of the newest books on the shelf by John Updike and read the short story "My Father's Tears", a poetically written and  reminiscent story from John Updike's early years and affectionate memories. Computer terminals are available to access titles by subject, author and title and the ambiance within the Inglewood Public Library was warm, well lit and brimming with children and their parents seeking their favorite books, movies, tapes, newspapers and journals. Libraries are a wonderful place to begin journeys to faraway lands, learn of new peoples in continents across the ocean and enjoy the social, but quiet surroundings of an environment for learning.