Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Capital Offense Opened at Beacon Arts Building! PhotoJournal by Ginger Van Hook 2012

Renée Fox and Jennifer Gradecki
have curated "Capital Offense"
which opened at Beacon Arts Building in Inglewood, CA.
Standing in front of an artwork titled
"Your money or your life" Renée Fox posed for photographs
for the opening reception.
Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2012

In an era that is increasingly hostile towards Capitalism (since folks have lost homes, lost faith in the banking system and lost faith in governments), Beacon Arts Building reveals the undercurrents of dis-satisfaction that a greedy money laundering lifestyle can promote. Artwork that dispels the mythology behind the wizardry of financial doom in a marketplace rickety from the weight of lies and trails of missing mortgage paper, Curators Renée Fox and Jennifer Gradecki dare to explore the shady aspects of the current global economic crisis and the shrinking canvas of our financial earth. 
"Capital Offense" The END(S) OF CAPITALISM
 Exhibition runs through March 11, 2012. 
Beacon Arts Building 808 North La Brea, Inglewood, CA 90302 
Photojournal by Ginger Van Hook ©2012

Beacon Arts presents Capital Offense: The End(s) of Capitalism, curated by Jennifer Gradecki and Renée Fox, which presents a selection of artwork and writing chosen for its clarity in questioning, exposing and reflecting upon various aspects of the current global economic crisis and neoliberal global capitalism.

TWCDC, (Together We Can Defeat Capitalism), a group that has been fighting capitalism
 since 1997 is honored to be included. Exhibiting two video pieces, 
“Pignapped – An Anti-Capitalist Adventure" from 2010 
and "Will Work" from 2002. 

Artwork by Flora Kao. Photo by Ginger Van Hook©2012

One of my favorite art pieces in the show "Capital Offense"
 is the exhibit of the crickets eating up the dollar bills 
with the megaphone to enhance the sound of their chewing up the money. 
This scene was perhaps the most powerful metaphor 
of how our good dollars are getting eaten away
 by inflation, mis-management name it.